Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Why Republicans Will Vote for McPalin

From an AP article:

Republicans like her anti-abortion and pro-gun stances
THIS is a reason to vote for someone?!

By the way, a few months ago I mentioned that allowing Republicans to continue to be in power, especially since the GOP is moving further and further to the right, will lead, among MANY other things, Fascism being one of them, to a huge loss of women's rights. Well, this election goes to prove this. John McCain is against abortion and even supports the idea of adding an amendment to the Constitution to that effect.

Sarah Palin is even worse. She is not only anti-abortion in general, which I can understand. She is also against abortion in case of rape, incest, AND, most importantly, she's even against abortion WHEN THE PREGNANCY IS A DANGER TO THE MOTHER'S LIFE.

Now, halacha is very clear. If the fetus endangers the mother's life, abortion is necessary and permitted. There are disagreements about cases of rape and incest, but there are many poskim, mainstream Rabbonim, who say abortion is absolutely allowed in these cases. In fact, some poskim, in the case of incest, say it's actually a Mitzvah to abort.

So guess what? Voting for McPalin means voting against women. Period. End of story. Is this what this country wants? A backtracking in women's hard-fought rights?

And for all those nay-sayers who claimed it could not and would not go that far? I get to say: I TOLD YOU SO.

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