Wednesday, October 07, 2009


It's a pretty new feeling, being happy. I'm working, I love my work, my boss is great, and I have a regular (not large, but regular and dependable nonetheless...) paycheck coming in every two weeks in addition to my wife's salary. It's no longer a struggle to pay all our bills, and when I'm done paying the bankruptcy trustee his $333.33 per month for a year (only ten payments left!), it'll be even easier.

I absolutely LOVE working at the bakery. It's a little over a block from my house, it's kosher, and it's pretty good! And the best part is, I'm happy. It's nice to be happy. It's nice to get paid for work (unlike my other work, brokering medical imaging equipment, which paid nothing unless I closed a deal, which was rare because of this screwed up economy) and to actually be appreciated.

Best of all, it's nice not to have to receive handouts from people. I appreciated it with all my heart. All the people who came through during the tough times truly deserve a huge share of Olam Haba. But it's nice to have need it any longer. It's also nice being able to actually GIVE tzedakah rather than receive it.

All-in-all (yes, that IS a cliche), our situation is thankfully so much better than it was two months ago, and it will, God willing, only get better.