Thursday, September 11, 2008

How to Remember 9/11

Today is 9/11. It's seven years later. And it's time for this country to move on, heal, and grow. Which is why we need a change in Washington. McCain is NOT that change. McCain wants things to stay the same. Giuliani even showed mock surprise that 9/11 wasn't even mentioned at the Democratic Convention.

Well, it shouldn't have been. While 9/11 left a scar, that scar needs to heal. Which means the Republicans, who keep picking at the scab, intentionally, so it DOESN'T heal, have to go. 9/11 is a milestone in American history. But it's NOT the end all and be all of this country. In fact, if anything, the events of 9/11 should have propelled this country to greater heights and achievements, to a greater democracy, to a better life for all Americans. Those events should have shown the world terrorists cannot make Americans cower.

Instead, that's exactly what we did. We cowered. We got scared. We had a warmongering president and vice president who stole the 2000 election (in other words, they weren't, and STILL aren't, the rightful leaders of this country) and seized upon this opportunity to set up a quasi dictatorship. And since then, this country has slipped farther and farther into the muck. And now, seven years later, the warmongering Republican party STILL wants to continue this policy and politics of fear, feeding on the now intractable fear of another attack prevalent in our society.

Is this REALLY how we're supposed to remember 9/11? Is this REALLY how the victims, in whose name the current administration has committed countless crimes, including an illegal war in Iraq in which George W. Bush has personally seen to it that more Americans died there (in other words, he essentially murdered them with his own two hands) than died in the attacks of 9/11?

No. I truly believe the victims would have wanted this country to rise above petty, personal motives (after all, the Idiot in the White House really did feel like he had to clean up Daddy's 1991 Gulf War mess and get Saddam Hussein). And we missed the boat. In a big way. But hopefully not in an irreversible way.

Voting for Obama, in my opinion, is not just a vote to vote against the Republicans. It's a vote to change how this government acts and reacts. It's a vote to bring fresh life into a decadent government. It's a vote to honor the victims of 9/11, victims who, if they could speak to us, would tell us to move on. Not forget. Never forget. But move on from the tragedy and celebrate, in their honor, their lives, and build, in their honor, upon what was, on their sacrifices, and not waste those sacrifices on petty wars, and live up to the full potential, in their honor, to the greatest heights, and then even higher, this country can, should, and will achieve. And to do so, they would tell us, it's time to chuck out the old and bring on the new, the fresh, and repair and find what we've lost in the last seven years.

That's how we should remember 9/11. And that's how the victims would want it.

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