Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flip-Flop, Flip-Flop...

While the Republicans accused Kerry of being a flip-flopper four years ago, it seems that award (regardless of whether justly given to Kerry in '04) most certainly goes to McCain, now nicknamed McFlip-Flop this election year. Of course, never mind that he's also totally plagiarizing and trying to capitalize on Obama's message of change. So, why the awards?

Well, two major reasons. first is his famously stupid comment that the economy is "fundamentally strong." He continued to make these claim on Monday when Wall Street got all screwed up. He finally woke up and realized maybe the economy isn't QUITE as "fundamentally" strong as he thought. Then, all of a sudden, "we're in a crisis." Yeah, no kiddin', McDenial (which is NOT just a river in Egypt).

Next, up until very recently, the whole message of his campaign was voting for experience, voting for someone who knows Washington, for someone who KNOWS how Washington works. All of a sudden, he's actually STEALING lines from Obama. He's actually using one of the Obama campaign's slogans, "Change We Need." Wow. Remember when Obama was accused of plagiarism? That was nothing compared to this! At least then, Obama UNINTENTIONALLY omitted his friend's name after using a part of his friend's speech WITH permission. In this case, McCain is BLATANTLY, KNOWINGLY using Obama's lines and is CERTAINLY not giving credit. Not only is this different than the Obama case, this is WAY worse! This is a case where McCain is taking advantage of his opponent and trying to gain political points in doing so!

Speaking of which, McCain THEN went and accused Obama of using the Wall Street debacle this week as a political moment for political gain!!! My answer? "Damn straight, he is!" What's happening on Wall Street is a DIRECT result of REPUBLICAN deregulation of financial institutions, deregulation with which MCCAIN himself was involved. OBVIOUSLY, this is COMPLETELY appropriate! This is a beautiful, though no pretty, and VERY clear example, of what happens when Republicans allow big business to run Washington for their own interests instead of those of the country.

I don't care what some dumb schmuck's cold, hard data tell him. The fact is, if the economy WASN'T weak, probably in a recession at this point, if not plummeting toward a DEPression, the events of the last few days (Lehman Bros, Merrill, AIG) would NOT have happened. Those things don't happen in a STRONG economy. They happen as an introduction to depression. Remember, before October 29, 1929 (Black Tuesday), there weren't really any indications of a looming Depression. In fact, GDP (Gross Domestic Product, one of the main factors upon which the above linked RWNJ idiot relies to "prove" there's no recession or depression coming at all) looked pretty damned good through at least the middle of 1929!

So, yeah, I think it's a REAL GOOD thing that Obama is using this crisis for what McPOW calls "political gain." That's EXACTLY what events like this, in election years, no less, are for!!!

But I guess, as the venerable Phil Gramm said, we're all just a "nation of whiners in a mental recession." Sure, Phil. Sure.

And let's not forget that, If McCain had had his way, that'd be OUR Social Security money Wall Street would be losing.

This is the "leadership" half this country wants?! Ridiculous.

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SBVOR said...

Am Kshe Oref,

If you ever learn the difference between a crisis in the financial sector and a recession of the larger economy, be sure to let us all know.

Meantime, the latest economic forecast suggests that you and your pals may finally get the recession which you and your ilk have so aggressively promoted for so very long (see the update dated 10/9/08).

Congratulations. Nice “work”.

SBVOR - Just another dumb redneck (who is light years ahead of you)