Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quality Post, and SO True!

My friend Kylopod had great post a few days ago and makes a compelling point. I especially loved the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy analogy. It EXACTLY describes the Republican party and its complete hypocrisy.

Here's the comment I made:

Excellent post, except I have the sinking feeling many people are going to be stupid enough to fall for McCain's gambit and vote for him because of her. I'm praying it doesn't happen. As you know from my blog, I think, as do well as millions of others, that another four years of Republicans would be a complete disaster for this country.

I love the Republican mantra of "we're better for the security of this country," or "we'll keep this country safe from Islamic extremists." They figure, correctly in many, many cases, that this mantra will erase any other possible concerns Americans may have. You know, REAL issues. What the masses seem to stupid to understand (and I JUST DON'T GET IT!!!), is that the more the Republicans rape this country, the LESS secure it'll be. Militarily because we're already stretched so thin and financially because the more jobs are shipped overseas, the less the US is able to support itself.

People seem to forget: 9/11 happened under BUSH'S watch, NOT Clinton's. In fact, as I understand it, Clinton WARNED Bush something was brewing, and the Idiot, in his normal brash dismissal of anything coming from a Democrat, ignored the warnings. Oops.

In other words, the Republicans kept us LESS safe, not MORE.

Personally, I will be VERY ashamed of the United States if McCain gets elected. It'll just show how easily duped Americans can be.

Well, I can only pray it DOESN'T happen...

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