Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCstalling... And Obama's Response

McCain wants to "suspend" his campaign to deal with the economic crisis. You know, the one the Republicans said didn't exist, the one that couldn't POSSIBLY happen because the "fundamentals of our economy are strong." He wanted to actually delay the debate scheduled for September 26!

Obviously, this is just a stalling tactic. McCain KNOWS he can't POSSIBLY win a debate against Obama, ESPECIALLY one about the economy. So, dressing up his delay tactics in "concern" for the US and the economy (do you HONESTLY think HE'S feeling the pinch?), McCain asked to postpone.

Obama's response? Right on the, excuse the pun, money:

"It's my belief that this is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person who, in approximately 40 days, will be responsible for dealing with this mess," Obama said at a news conference in Clearwater, Fla. "It's going to be part of the president's job to deal with more than one thing at once."


Even as McCain said he was putting the good of the country ahead of politics, his surprise announcement was clearly political. It was an attempt to try to outmaneuver Obama on an issue in which he's trailing, the economy, as the Democrat gains in polls. He quickly went before TV cameras minutes after speaking with Obama and before the two campaigns had hammered out a joint statement expressing that Congress should act urgently on the bailout.

And while McCain's campaign said he would "suspend" his campaign, it simply will move to Washington knowing the spotlight will remain on him no matter where he is.
Well, we'll see how this plays out...


Kylopod said...

George Will earlier this week came very close to endorsing Obama for president. It's not an enthusiastic endorsement, but he basically says that McCain is a hothead who lacks the temperament to lead the nation, and that Obama looks preferable.

Am Kshe Oref - A Stiff-Necked People said...

I blogged about this earlier this week... :) Well, really, I just posted links...

anonymous said...

This was not, IMO, an attempt to delay the presidential debates, but to avoid the VP debates. Notice that the day McCain proposed for the presidential debate redo is Oct. 2, which just HAPPENS to be the scheduled date of the Palin/Biden debate? This is all to find a way not to have Palin answer questions in public. Makes you wonder what on earth she says in private, that they're so afraid of her.

It's called VETTING, people.

Am Kshe Oref - A Stiff-Necked People said...

I didn't even REALIZE he had wanted to reschedule for 10/02. That's just ridiculous.

I'm just totally flabbergasted that this election isn't already wrapped up. McCain has shown again and again and again that he is absolutely not the person this country needs as it's leader and Commander in Chief, and yet, Obama can't seem to pull away from him in the polls!