Sunday, September 14, 2008

Some More Republican Hypocrisy


Republicans Fault Both Campaigns for Negative Ads
And what does one prominent Republican low-life, lying, piece of crap say?
WASHINGTON - Leading Republicans on Sunday faulted both presidential campaigns for the increasingly negative tone of their advertising, suggesting the bitter attacks undermine John McCain and Barack Obama's credibility with voters and could backfire.

"Both campaigns are making a mistake, and that is they are taking whatever their attacks are and going one step too far," said former White House political adviser *BLANK BLANK*. "They don't need to attack each other in this way."

"There ought to be an adult who says, 'Do we really need to go that far in this ad? Don't we make our point and won't we get broader acceptance and deny the opposition an opportunity to attack us if we don't include that one little last tweak in the ad?'"


*BLANK* said he believed that Obama's "lipstick on a pig" comment was a "deliberate slap at Governor Palin," saying it came too soon after the Alaska governor's pitbull comment not to be. Rove also said while it might be fair to criticize McCain for being a longtime Washington insider, faulting McCain for not using a computer when he can't type due to war injuries is not.

"McCain has gone in some of his ads — similarly gone one step too far, and sort of attributing to Obama things that are, you know, beyond the 100-percent-truth test," *BLANK* said, without elaborating.
Oh. Did I neglect to leave out the name of the person in the above article? Oh. Well. If you didn't already guess, it's Neo-Nazi Fascist Bush Propagandist Karl Rove. Of all people.

And of all the people to be complaining about NOT being 100% (or any percent, for that matter) truthful, Karl Rove is really the last person on this entire planet to complain about THAT!!!

What is this? Buyer's remorse?

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