Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Random Wednesday - 9/10/08 (Sorry About Missing Last Week)

Random Food/Drink that's really hard to find (or is no longer manufactured) that we've loved:

1. Seven-Up Gold. Anyone remember this one? It came out in late 1988. It was FANTASTIC (kind of ginger-ale-like, cola-like, with a cinnamon after-taste). Unfortunately, the soda industry is very cutthroat, and this one just did not make it. A possible similar recipe is mixing equal parts cola, 7-Up, and ginger ale, and maybe adding a bit of cinnamon extract into the mix. Here's a 1989 story about Seven-Up Gold's then-impending demise.

2. My mom's Moroccan pitas. My parents live in Las Vegas. I live in the Midwest. And they've gotta be eaten fresh. And NO ONE else in the US makes them.

3. My sister had a neighbor in Israel who made these really great pitas for Shabbos. They weren't regular pitas, nor were they Moroccan pitas. I think they were Bucharian or something. They were great, and, again, NO ONE makes them in the US.

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