Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why Hasn't Obama Closed This Deal Yet?

You know, with the economy in a shambles, the healthcare system broken, more and more jobs lost every day, a recession not just in the works but already here, and a possible Depression (with a HUGE capital D) looming, one would think this election would be a no-brainer. The opposition, in this case, the Democratic candidate, should be a shoo-in to win this election by a huge landslide.

But he's not. It's still VERY much a tight contest that could STILL go the wrong (read: Republican) way. Which would lead to even more deregulation, more perks for the rich and less and less for the middle and working class: less money, less jobs, less everything. While EVERYTHING gets more and more expensive.

And yet, it's STILL not a done deal! Why? Oh, sure, lots of Republicans will repeat the "Obama's gonna raise taxes" debunked bullshit.

I honestly think the truth is, plain, simple, and quite disgusting, is that Barack Obama is black. The reason I think this is that, as I mentioned earlier this week, even a third of DEMOCRATS view blacks negatively.

It's just RIDICULOUS! If Obama was white, this contest would have been over before it ever began. Of course, if he were white, he wouldn't be Barack Obama.

I find this attitude sick and disgusting. This is a well-respected self-made man who has devoted his life to helping people. And he can't close this deal because he's not a white dude.

Ick. If he loses, I will honestly be ashamed to be an American.

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