Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah on Monday's Wall Street Hiccup!

Basically, as Jon Stewart says about three minutes in: "She only got specific enough to completely contradict herslf! 'We need more regulation so that we can get the government out of the economy...' And then normal people's brains can explode..."

And McStupid STILL insists: The fundamentals of our economy are strong...

Oh, yeah, I meant to mention that one too. He says this, backtracks (read: flip-flops) and then says what he means by this is that the fundamentals of our economy is the American worker.

You know. The one that's out of work because John McCain's Republican party allowed complete big business deregulation and allowed that American worker's job to go to China. Yeah. That fundamental part of the economy. The one that's shrinking on a daily basis.

It's REAL strong, Johnny. Real strong.

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