Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 Story

This is true, and I KNOW it because I was actually there.

My wife and I married a little less than three weeks before the events of 9/11. We then moved to New York (I had already been there, in yeshiva for two years and we were going back for my third - one of the biggest mistakes of my life - had I only known then what I know now...). Someone had offered us some furniture. We decided to take a nice walk to the nearest U-Haul rental store, about a twenty minute walk. This was in Kew Gardens, Queens.

We walked into the store. The clerk had his eyes glued to the TV. At this point, we had NO idea what had happened as the planes smashed into the Twin Towers during our walk. We finally managed to get the clerk's attention. He asked us to hold on minute. I asked him what was so important. He then moved aside to show us the Twin Towers burning and told us two plane had crashed themselves into the towers. A woman then walked in. She obviously hadn't known until that moment what had happened either. When she saw the news coverage on the TV in the U-Haul store, she started sobbing. We asked her if she was OK. She said that day had been such a beautiful day that she decided to call in sick and play hooky from work.

She told us she had, until that morning, worked in the Twin Towers. Had she been there, she'd have probably died. And she took the day off only because it was just such a beautiful day...

Remember, never forget, as I said in the post directly below this one. Now is the time to honor the victims, not continue desecrating their memories with fear-mongering and illegal wars. Now is the time to fix this country, finally allow it to heal and move one and TRULY rebuild. And we have this opportunity by NOT allowing the Republican party and it's politics of fear to remain in power.

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