Friday, September 26, 2008

Sometimes It's NOT SO Bizzaro!

My wife and I are currently watching the 1990s series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. An early episode dealt with killing off the buffalo, a herd animal that used to roam this country by the millions. This species was nearly killed off (thus also causing great hardship to the Native Americans and weakening them beyond belief).

It seems the only solution white folk know is killing off something that is perceived to be in their way, be it Native Americans, buffalo, and everything in between.

But imagine if the white man had sat and thought about this for a while. Imagine if, instead of great herds of cows, they domesticated great herds of buffalo! We'd all be so much healthier. Beef is fatty and causes high cholesterol, which leads to many other health issues. Buffalo, on the other hand, is EXTREMELY lean and VERY healthy. It also happens to taste GREAT, MUCH better than beef! Bison (another word for buffalo) was a major staple in the diet of the Native Americans. And they were a VERY healthy bunch. Instead, bison, especially KOSHER bison, is a VERY expensive luxury, not easily obtainable.

But, no. Once again, white man thought only of profit and gain, the easy way, the destructive way, the WHITE way.


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