Friday, September 05, 2008

Random Cool Factoid of the Day (To Make Up for No Random Wednesday This Week)

UPS driver in, of all places, Palestine, TX, has driven the same UPS truck over the last 22 years and reached the million mile mark on his truck!

PALESTINE, Texas - A routine package delivery turned into a milestone for a UPS driver in East Texas.

Brent Boyd on Thursday surpassed 1 million miles on his UPS delivery van, the same vehicle he's driven for 22 years with the company.

The odometer on Boyd's 1987 GMC truck rolled over to all zeros as he began his delivery route near Palestine (PAL'-uh-steen).

The 51-year-old says he's never had an accident with his company vehicle.

Boyd told The Associated Press that his truck has gone through at least three engines and been repainted almost as many times.

But he's resisted offers for a new van. Boyd says the truck is "like home" and feels like "sitting in the recliner in your house."
All he needs is a beer and a widescreen TV! And pork rinds! :-)

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