Monday, September 01, 2008

Conspiracy? Maybe...

So, we figured it's one of two things with the Sarah Palin/Bristol/Trig/pregnancy thing. EITHER the Republicans leaked the Trig thing as a rumor in an effort to make the current, REAL pregnancy not seem so bad, OR both are true, and the current pregnancy is to cover up the Trig pregnancy. After all, there's an awful lot of protestation going on regarding little Trig.

Either way, Bristol marrying the father of her child is just WRONG. I mentioned my parents in the previous post. Their marriage was, and still is, a really crappy marriage. Had my dad NOT married my mom, perhaps he'd have come back to the US (they were in Israel) and finished his interrupted college education. He didn't. They were, and are, quite miserable. My dad sometimes made money and most times didn't do so well. My mom is miserable and, after 45 years of marriage being put down and dumbed down by my father (he's been inadequate in many ways and had to take it on her once my sister and I left - he took it out on us while we lived at home as well), incapable of caring for herself at this point but is forced to care not only for herself but for him as well. Not a happy marriage.

Same applies for most forced marriages like this. Oh, sure, Sarah Palin said her daughter decided for herself to keep the baby and marry its father. Very nice. Probably a complete and utter lie. Bristol, and the boy, were probably informed by their respective parents that they were getting married because "it's the right thing to do." We're talking about teenagers here. I can't imagine any teenager understanding what this means for the rest of his/her life. And I'm SURE the boy is not too happy either. And I am shocked and dismayed that either set of parents would EVER allow this type of a marriage to take place, pregnancy or no pregnancy. That's NOT what family values are about. This is not moral behavior.

Why is it immoral to have sex before marriage but NOT immoral to force a marriage between people who are so young they don't even know what marriage is? Having them get married doesn't solve any problem, assuming there IS a problem in the first place, which there isn't here.

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