Thursday, May 29, 2008

Little Girl Having a Tantrum

My father-in-law had a great insight into how Hillary is now acting. She's acting like a little girl having a huge temper-tantrum because she is not getting her way. First, she loses state after state. Then, on the rare occasion she wins, she "shows" the world how electable she is and how UNelectable Obama is. She is behind in all ways, votes, delegates, and "super" delegates. Yet, she keeps crying foul. Keeps insisting SHE'S the one, not Obama. Then, by not following DNC rules, she insists she should get the Michigan and Florida delegates according to vote, never mind Obama was never even ON the ballot in Michigan and never campaigned, FOLLOWING DNC RULES, in either state (neither did Hillary, but she insists on getting "her" delegates). She insists on changing, bending, and breaking reality to fit her own needs, never mind the needs of the nation for a president like Barack Obama. She will continue throwing her tantrum, which is really sad. The problem is, if she takes this to the convention (and she'd BETTER not), she will basically ruin any chance of the Democrats finally taking back the White House and cleaning up The Idiot's eight year messy disaster.

Hillary is like Princes Ida:

The narrow-minded pedant still believes
That two and two make four! Why, we can prove,
We women – household drudges as we are –
That two and two make five – or three – or seven;
Or five-and-twenty, if the case demands!
Thankfully, it seems the rest of the party officials will decide the nominee next week if the three party leaders, Harry Reid (Senate Majority Leader), Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House of Representatives), and Howard Dean (Chairman of the Democratic National Committee), have their way. They stated today they want, once the final primary on June 3 is over, to have the rest of the undecided "super" delegates make their decision and be done with it.

Here's hoping that by this time next week, Barack Obama will be the official nominee and can finally begin his campaign in earnest against John McBush. I mean McCain...

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