Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Somebody's SINKING!!!

Hillary lent herself 6.4 MILLION DOLLARS over the last month to continue campaigning...

Last night a complete rout. She REALLY needs to just drop the hell out of the race at this point and let the better candidate campaign against McCain and in order to beat him in November rather than campaigning against her.

Also, shouldn't the fact that she CAN'T raise enough money to campaign be SOME sort of indication she is simply NOT liked?

And here's a good one:

Clinton vowed to compete tenaciously for West Virginia next week and Kentucky and Oregon after that, and to press "full speed on to the White House."
Yeah. Hillary, W. Virginia only offers 28 delegates. Even if you won the ENTIRE state, it won't do you much good... And even winning Kentucky won't help.

The Fantasy:
"She did this in order to remain competitive with Senator Obama on television," Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said. "The loans are a sign of Senator Clinton's commitment to the race, commitment to continuing the process and a commitment to being competitive with Senator Obama."
The Reality: She's NOT getting the funds she needs, she's desperate to keep fighting a dead battle, she won't give up, and she simply, as usual, CANNOT face reality. This is the same syndrome she's shown in the past with her inability to tell the truth. I don't think it's not knowing what the truth is. I think it's an inability to acknowledge the truth, face it, and deal with it...

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