Thursday, May 08, 2008


From the AFP:

Israel on Thursday celebrated its 60th anniversary with displays of military might and parties as Palestinians marked the plight of hundreds of thousands who lost their land to the Jewish state.
Funny how no one ever reports about the millions upon millions of Jews displaced and/or murdered over the centuries. Funny how no one reports on how Jews flocked to Eretz Yisrael to find some refuge from the anti-Semitic world they left.

Dear AFP,

Here's something to think about:

In other words, AFP and world, F**K OFF! Your double standard is sickening. It's so horrible when bad things happen to those poor "Palestinians" (who were, by the way, offered to be integrated in Israeli society and be normal Israeli citizens, conditions that would ABSOLUTELY have been BETTER than those under the Egyptians or the Jordanians, the so-called "brethren" of the "Palestinians"), but the fact the Jews have been persecuted and chased out of country after country and killed by the millions is perfectly OK with you...

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