Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Quick Delegate Count

According to MSNBC, Obama now has 1876 Delegates (this number includes the so-called "Super" Delegates who have endorsed him), leaving him needing only 149 Delegates to secure the Democratic nomination and go on to trounce John McBush, I mean McCain, in November.

Hillary, on the other hand, only has 1729 Delegates (also including the "Super" Delegates who have endorsed her), leaving 296 Delegates short, pretty much DOUBLE the number Obama needs.

And, while Obama IS behind in both West Virginia (for all the 28 Delegates it has to offer...) and Kentucky (with its more respectable 60 Delegates), he is WAY ahead in Oregon (with its 65 Delegates), and winning Oregon will CLINCH his nomination with PLEDGED Delegates, putting him over the top with the 1627 Pledged Delegates he needs to win the popular vote.

So there.

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