Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Those Elitist Former SEC Commissioners...

But I think the Republicans AND Hillary just got bit in the butt... Specifically, three former SEC commissioners have endorsed Obama:

Former SEC head William Donaldson, who was appointed by Republican President George W. Bush, joined Arthur Levitt and David Ruder in backing Obama, who leads rival Hillary Clinton in the number of delegates necessary to become the Democratic White House nominee.

Levitt was appointed by former President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, while Ruder was appointed by former President Ronald Reagan, a Republican.

"Each of us has been committed to prudent economic policy and effective financial regulation for many years," the men said in a joint statement along with former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, also an Obama supporter.

"We believe Senator Obama can provide the positive leadership and judgment needed to take us to a stronger and more secure economic future."

In the statement they praised Obama's "reasoned approach" in analyzing "the current financial crisis and the need for balanced regulatory reform."

"We believe that such a constructive approach can be extended broadly in the economic area as well as elsewhere," they said.
These guys were appointed by the Idiot in the White House, his predecessor, Billary Clinton, and by Do-No-Wrong Reagan. And these guys just turned around and basically told these presidents Obama's a better choice than either Bill's husband, um, wife, that is, and by the Republican nominee, John McBush, I mean, McCain.

I guess that means these SEC guys are elitist...

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