Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Curious, and a Bit Disturbed

I don't get it. The states of Florida and Michigan have been disqualified from the Primary election process because they had their primaries earlier than they were supposed to have them. Now, and for quite a while, actually, Hillary wants those votes counted, for the obvious reason that they will give her a much needed boost.

Here's the problem. Obama wasn't even ON the ballot in Michigan! He chose not to be on the ballot because he followed DNC rules (as did John Edwards) about the "rogue" elections, rules Hillary actually ignored. Now, she is clamoring to have those votes counted, even though both she and these two states ignored the rules of the game.

How, exactly, would this be fair? I know the world's not fair, and all that, but wouldn't doing so to get the Democratic Presidential nomination actually be STEALING the election, the same crime for which The Idiot in the White House is guilty, certain from the 2000 elections, and quite likely from the 2004 election (remember Ohio) as well? How, then, does this make her any different from the Republicans? (And Obama and Edwards WERE on the Florida ballot because it was too late for any of the candidates to remove their names.)

The fair thing to do would be to split down the middle, giving no one an advantage, or to have new elections in those states. But, as we all know, Hillary doesn't even know HOW to play fair, so she's going to scream and shout about it until she's either told to shut the hell up by the powers that be or until she gets her way. Let's hope it's the former...

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