Wednesday, May 07, 2008


The seller's realtor was just here to drop off the rest of the keys and to let me know TITLE HAS TRANSFERRED!!! MY WIFE AND I ARE HOMEOWNERS!!!

Seller also told her he put a check for $1,170 (the security deposit for when he WAS - PAST TENSE - my landlord) in the mail to her. She should receive it tomorrow or Friday and she promised to bring it to me as soon as she got it!


Thanks to all you well-wishers out there.

Selena, you and Daniel and the kiddies have GOT to come visit!! :)


Jacob Da Jew said...


Am Kshe Oref - A Stiff-Necked People said...

Thanks! Phew!!

Orthonomics said...

Mazal Tov! Wishing you the best.
And, is the Sephardi Family invited, or only Daniel and Selena???????

Am Kshe Oref - A Stiff-Necked People said...

Ooh. Sepharadim in my house. I dunno... :) And ones who DON'T eat Kitniyos on Pesach. There's definitely something to think about... :)