Monday, May 05, 2008


Why is it that extremely wealthy politicians who've never known economic hardship try to pretend they're JUST like the common fold (the other 90% of Americans)?

Here's Hillary. Super wealthy. Former First Lady. Got all the breaks. Grew up at least upper middle class and went up from there. She's proposing this idiotic "Gas Tax Holiday" to "ease" the problem of rising gasoline prices. This is a tax holiday that MIGHT save Americans, over the entire summer, twenty-five to forty dollars TOTAL per person. Big deal. That's a tank of gas for most cars, at best. She's throwing us all a bone, a rotted one at that, and is claiming she's all for easing the economic plight of the American people. A plight of which she has NO concept as she's NEVER wondered where her next meal is coming from, has never wondered how she's going to pay her electric bill or heat her home in the winter.

Yet, she calls Barack Obama "Elitist." She calls the economists who are saying her "Gas Tax Holiday" is nothing but political bunk elitist as well.

Barack Obama grew up pretty poor. He lived in Chicago's worst neighborhoods. He LIVED the economic plight. And he put himself through law school to HELP OTHERS, NOT HIMSELF. He felt, as a lawyer, he could run for political office and help more constituents. He succeeded in the Illinois State Legislature and he has been successful in the US Senate (despite his "lack of experience"). And he will succeed as president of the United States.

Obama could have had a Wall Street job right out of college. He turned it down to help the downtrodden. He could have had a successful law practice out of Harvard, and would certainly have been in demand. He refused that route so he could help others. His life has been dedicated to helping.

Hillary's has not. Her life has been dedicated to helping herself try to become the first female president of the United States. She's never been about TRULY helping others. She's been about helping herself, even when she WAS helping others. It was all she could advance herself politically.

So. Who IS the elitist one here? The person who made a remark about people turning to guns and religion when things are bad (and, in fact, was this ACTUALLY a FALSE statement? Most people do turn to religion more when times are bad than when they are good and many people, when times are bad, do take up arms to protect what they have left...)? Or the person who has NO IDEA what it's like to have lean times?

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