Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stupid Quote of the Day...

Presenting today's stupid quote of the day award, which goes to Howard Wolfson, Hillary Clinton's most rabid spokesman who can reconcile with reality even less than Hillary herself:

"I think Democrats across the country tomorrow will be asking themselves why Senator Obama — with all of his money, with all of the great press, with voters being told he was the inevitable nominee — why did Senator Obama lose West Virginia by 15 points or so? What does it say about his candidacy at this date that he can't beat Senator Clinton in a key swing state?" Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson told NBC's "Today" Tuesday.
Um, no offense, but can it be because it's WEST VIRGINIA? Did it occur to ol' Howie that Obama didn't even need to bother in a state that offer very few delegates (only 28) that was ALWAYS heavily slanted TOWARD Hillary anyway?

The question he SHOULD be asking is why DIDN'T Hillary win NC? Why did she lose by such a HUGE margin (and there, it was a VERY significant 125 delegates, nearly FIVE TIMES the amount West Virginia has to offer)? Why did she just BARELY squeak through in Indiana, where they basically split the delegates down the middle?

In any case, this guy can't seem to do the math. Obama only needs 151 delegates left, with "super" delegates jumping in droves off the fence to back him, while Hillary needs about 330 delegates and is LOSING "super" delegates...

Like I said, reality is a bit different in the Howard Wolfson/Hillary Clinton universe.

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