Friday, August 22, 2008

Yes, We MUST

I've spoken to many people in the last few months about politics, the candidates, our choices. I've heard some people say they can't stand either candidate. I've heard some people, some of them my closest friends, parrot Republican one-liners about how evil the Democrats are and how evil Obama is, and how wonderful and pro-American the Right Wing fringe that has taken over the Republican party is. And some just have wrong information (taxes) or are afraid to veer from the current course because another course would be an unknown, though the logic doesn't hold, because the current course is DEFINITELY a course for disaster and there ARE no two ways about it.

But there is an unprecedented opportunity to change the course of history. With this election, we have a not-to-be-passed-up chance to revitalize this country and send it into a period of Renaissance, of rebirth. This country has declined terribly over the last thirty years, ever since Reagan's insane economic policies (trickle down - yeah, great - that REALLY worked well). Those policies led to big business controlling the government, even when Clinton was in the White House. Those policies led to the status of healthcare in the United States, where fifty MILLION people (including my own two children) aren't insure either because they simply can't afford it (like ourselves) or because they are denied insurance due to "pre-existing conditions." And when the Clintons tried to reform the healthcare in the US, big business insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies got together and ran a HUGE smear campaign against any reform. And they were quite successful.

I'm not voting for Obama because I can. I'm voting for him because I MUST. I don't know what kind of change he will bring or if he will be successful. I do believe he will do his best to empower the people of this country to have a hand in government, something that hasn't happened in a very long time. I do believe he WILL do his best to bring about the change he's promised, to reform healthcare, to DIS-empower big business, to bring jobs BACK to the United States, to stop rewarding big business for taking its jobs overseas and putting millions of people out of work, to get us out of the illegal war in Iraq, to help rid us of oil dependence, thus breaking the power of the Arab world over the United States.

I'm voting for him because this speech embodies what this country needs so desperately:

I'm voting for him because I'm inspired in a way no politician has EVER before inspired me.

Ad finally, I think these little video pretty much embodies what I've been trying to say here, that the Republicans simply MUST not be allowed to retain their power, for doing so would break this country.

And of course, this little gem:

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