Friday, August 08, 2008

Paper Towels, Plastic Forks, and Lingerie...

So, I go to Target this morning to find the store has been rearranged, which drives me, and probably most people, nuts. When I asked where the paper towels and plastic forks were, the Target associate told me they were next to the lingerie. Great! No problem! I LOVE lingerie!

I asked her, though, why they moved these items, and she told me it was in order to make room for more bedding so all the bedding could be in one place (up until now, the kids' bedding was on a different floor). She told me they're rearranging the store to make stuff easier to find in more logical places.

Great! But paper towels, plastic forks, and lingerie?! How, precisely, do those go together? :)

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