Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random Wednesday - 8/27/08 (And Yes, I KNOW It's Thursday...)

Sorry, but we TOTALLY forgot with the Democratic convention going on... But don't worry. Unless something comes up, we won't be late next week. We have absolutely NO interest in the GOP convention. Ick. Who wants to watch a bunch of fascists?

This week's topic: Three random Event Memories (be it politics, elections, war, whatever).

1. End of the Cold War. That was pretty big.

2. Watching SCUD Missiles flying overhead in Israel in 1991.

3. NOT voting for Bush in 2000 even though I would have had my California absentee ballot arrived (it didn't even show up late; it just NEVER showed). Thank God I can say I NEVER voted for Bush, and even if I had, my vote would not have made a difference since I would have voted as a California resident and CA, obviously, went heavily Democratic. AND not voting for Bush in 2004 because I just couldn't imagine another four years of the Idiot in power. Unfortunately, OH screwed up (and people ARE sitting in jail for it). Do you realize the Idiot was NEVER actually elected president. Hence, the title by which to address him is Mr. Governor, NOT Mr. President. But I like The Idiot in the White House instead. Has a better ring to it.

Here's BW's Random Wednesday.

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