Friday, August 01, 2008

Least Surprising Headline of the Day: Wal-Mart Sucks - (UPDATED)

Wal-Mart mobilizes against Democrats

Well, duh! Unionization would SUCK for Wal-Mart.

Hey! I haven't Wal-Mart bashed in a while.

Well, consider this a bash.

Best quote from Wal-Mart mandatory managers' meetings about not voting for Obama? Because it would invite unions in to unionize workers (something Wal-Mart would HATE) and unionized workers would have to, get this, pay hefty union fees and get nothing in return, and that unionized workers might have to go on strike without compensation. Further, the company warned that unionization could force Wal-Mart to cut jobs as labor costs rise.

In other words, in the same sentence Wal-Mart said three things: Paying union fees gives a union worker nothing in return; being part of a union "might" cause unionized workers to go on unpaid strike; the company would have to cut jobs due to labor cost increases.

Ok. First claim, about getting nothing in return? Bull crap. Proof: See next two statements: Workers might go on strike and Wal-Mart will have to cut jobs due to labor cost INCREASES. In other words, Wal-Mart is running scared. Why? Because they know full well that with unions behind them, workers will have the power to demand better pay and benefits, neither of which they receive now. Wal-Mart will refuse and workers will strike. Where does that leave Wal-Mart? Without workers in their numerous stores across the US and the loss of millions of dollars. The threat of cutting jobs because of labor cost increases (in other words, they KNOW they'll have to increase pay and benefits if workers have a union behind them - so much for paying union fees not giving anything in return...) is an empty one. If they cut jobs, who'll do the work? They won't be able to get by on less than they have now. And it's very difficult to be a scab worker. They can be threatened, beat up, even killed. Especially when the company involved is Wal-Mart, whom everyone pretty much hates (unless you're a Republican).

In other words, powerful countries, I mean corporations, like Wal-Mart are starting to run scared of Obama because they know the party's about to come to an end. But remember, they are in NO WAY telling their "associates" (read: slaves) how to vote. Not at all. However, if the value their jobs...

We can only hope...

Hattip: Jeff. Shaken. Not Stirred. Cheers!

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