Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Good for Obama, bad for McHates-the-Midwest

McCain opposes farm policies popular in Midwest.

Here's something about which I've been thinking of late. Perhaps it's naive, but promising to oppose a bill popular to ALL the constituents to whom that bill pertains is kind of stupid, would one not think? I mean, if the majority, the vast majority, of the Midwest farming community wants this bill, it's probably NOT something the president should oppose, especially when it's backed by BOTH parties in the Senate.

In other words, we're the people. It's OUR government. At least in theory. WE have the right to dictate what happens and HOW our government governs. And when that government makes blanket statements that will screw lots of people, the PEOPLE have the right to simply say NO. Hopefully that's what'll happen with McCain and we'll actually GET a government OF the people and FOR the people.

The Republicans will then have learned their lesson: Stop fucking the people. We don't like it.


Your friendly neighborhood curmudgeon said...

For the life of me, I cannot understand your irrational need to attack McCain for everything he does or says, often with some childish nickname. You have every right to disagree with and oppose him. Hell, you even have the right to be childish - but it doesn't make sense.

Some points: the people in the Midwest are strongly in favor of farm subsidies. According to your logic, the issue concerns them, and they want subsidies, so the government must give them their subsidies. Who pays for the subsides? The entire country. So, maybe it should matter what's best for the entire country rather than just the midwest. Part of the bill specifically involves ethanol subsides. There are any number of environmental experts that will tell that ethanol as an alternative fuel (at least ethanol produced from corn) is a stupendously bad idea and will not solve any of our energy OR carbon dioxide problems.

On farm subsidies in general: why should we be providing incentives for farming which is economically infeasible. If people can't make a living in farming, perhaps they should seek out other trades rather than mooching off the taxpayers. Many people justify farm subsidies by appealing to the sentimental notion of the good old days of the American agrarian economy. Those days are long gone. Who profits most from farm subsidies? The evil corporations you so loathe.

This blog used to have thoughtful posts - now it's mostly whiny and irrational.

Am Kshe Oref - A Stiff-Necked People said...

Sorry you feel that way, but life has sucked of late, and my blog is my outlet. I do apologize.

As for subsidies, he's also against wind power subsidies, which, if done in enough numbers, would be a great idea. I'm not that into ethanol either. It's just as expensive as, if not more expensive than, gasoline. But the farming community, which DOES feed the country, does need incentive to go on. Produce is far more expensive now than it ever was and much of the Midwest is laying fallow. Perhaps government subsidies would help get the Midwest economy going again, which, in turn, would be a boon for the entire country.

It's not whining. It's being sick of the Republicans and the "Right" controlling everything and completely screwing up this country, and this is just another example of Republican shortsightedness...

Am Kshe Oref - A Stiff-Necked People said...

Besides, It's campaign season! I gotta do my part to make sure McCain does NOT get elected... Ever. This country can't afford another four years of staying the course...