Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stupid and Insane People

Another headline:

Clinton Die-Hards Voice Anger in Convention Protest
A couple of people quoted said they'd rather vote for McCain than Obama. Idiots. Just because the candidate YOU didn't wanted didn't make it, the SAME candidate who is now imploring her followers to line up behind the nominee, you're going to boycott the elections or vote for the opponent, who is in COMPLETE opposition to everything in which you believe?! How stupid can you be? Some of them are citing that they don't trust Obama. Why? Because, unlike Hillary, he HASN'T lied to them? It's interesting to note that Obama and Hillary agreed on nearly all the issues, probably the reason they were so closely matched. Their only real difference was healthcare, and I just read today that the Obama campaign WILL adopt Hillary's plan to guarantee healthcare for ALL.

So why NOT vote for Obama? Just because your candidate didn't win is simply NOT a reason.

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