Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two Websites Worth Checking Out...

This is one is to show how incredibly STUPID die-hard Hillary people are. It's called "Just Say No Deal."

I don't get it. Hillary capitulated. Even if the delegates from Florida and Michigan HAD been seated, Obama would have won. Hillary is begging her supporters to vote for Obama. The Democratic Party needs to be united, but idiots like those on the "Just Say No Deal" site are working hard, instead, to divide the party, even to vote for McSchmuck, rather than vote for the Democratic nominee who was, 95% of the time in agreement with Hillary (the only thing they REALLY disagreed on was healthcare reform). Which brings me to the next website, The Denver Group. This is one more intelligent, and isn't so much an anti-Obama, we love Hillary site so much as it is, as described by one of its co-founders as a "Democratic Party get-your-act-together support group."

This is something many of us have been screaming for for years. The Democratic Party has not had it together since the 2000 election, and this needs to change. The consequence of NOT getting it together is allowing the Republicans yet another, at least, four years in power. This is unacceptable.

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