Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama-Biden Ticket

And yet, the Democrats STILL can't do it right, as far as the Republistupids are concerned. Here they are, criticizing Obama for not having any kind of Foreign Policy experience. So, Obama chooses Delaware Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. Then the Republi-Hypocrites start shouting how, "you see? He HAS no experience, so he HAD to choose someone who does! So DON'T vote for him because he's no good!!!"

Idiots. Personally, I think Biden is a GREAT choice, despite Biden's criticisms of Obama during the primaries. Remember, again, this is politics, and the First Rules of Politics is "you can't take the politics out of politics and." That was then, this is now. What he said then he said because he wanted the nomination. Same with Hillary, but now she IS stumping for Obama. When I saw Biden interviewed about seven months ago, I thought he'd make a wonderful candidate, not based on charisma but based on his policies and plans, especially about healthcare.

The point of picking an effective VP is to have someone who WILL shore up the presidential nominee's weaknesses and strengthen that nominee. One person cannot be an expert on EVERYTHING. And someone who will be ready to step in. Does anyone out there REALLY believe Cheney would have made a good replacement for The Idiot? That, more than anything, is why the Idiot was never in danger of being assassinated. No one wanted the alternative. At least the Idiot is dumb and evil. Cheney is SMART and evil. Gore was ready to step in. Does anyone out there think QUAYLE was?!

So with McHypocrite's ads coming out saying choosing Biden proves Obama is incapable, we all know McStupid is running scared now. Let's see who McRepublican chooses.


Kylopod said...

I've been having an increasing feeling McCain will pick Lieberman. If that happens, I'll be both glad and upset--glad because I like Lieberman, and because he's still a Democrat in most of his beliefs. Upset because that will probably vanquish whatever is left of the frum-Jews-for-Obama crowd. If Kerry got only 26% of the frum vote (according to a survey), I suspect Obama will get even less.

On the other hand, I found out recently that R' Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, who has been head of the OU, is attending a special convention of religious leaders supporting Obama. That should speak for something.

Still, I'm not sure Lieberman would be such a great match-up against Biden. They both are stodgy, long-winded types, and Biden is probably the better debater.

By the way, I'm having a great debate with an anti-Obamite on Back of the Hill's blog. It's great because I'm making mincemeat out of the fellow!

Miriam said...

LOL @ "The Idiot" comment. Is that what he's called nowadays?

anonymous said...

Gosh, I loathe Lie-berman. I think he's a reptilian politician-with-a-capital-p who is so lacking in conviction that not even he knows what he thinks. He will say absolutely anything in order to get elected. Remember when he was VP on the Demo. ticket? He gave a speech to a US/Israel group in which he said, in response to concerns that he's not Christian enough, that he agrees people should not be PERMITTED to serve in public office if they are not "religious." And now the right is saying they won't support a pro-choice running mate. Does that mean McCain won't choose Lieberman? No, it means Lieberman will say he's had a Romney moment and is no longer pro-choice. He is, in my opinion, one of the least dependable and believable politicians out there, and that's saying something.

I think McCain will choose Lie-berman, that he'll do it because he thinks so little of Jews that he thinks they'll be happy for the excuse not to vote for Obama, and that he'll be right, and that is really sad.

Am Kshe Oref - A Stiff-Necked People said...

Personally, I think Lieberman would be a great running-mate for McDoofus (have you seen his latest two ads? Really stupid). And I think choosing the brown-nosing Lieberman would help McLoser lose the election badly.

As for the Idiot in the White House, Miriam, that's, at least, what I call him...

Kylopod, I heard about R' Weinreb and I think that's great. It happens to be the mashgiach at YU, Rabbi Blau, is also an Obama supporter.

In any case Lieberman is a has-been, and should he become McCain's running mate the election should prove that. We can only hope.