Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another Mistake Obama's Been Making

Oh, yeah. There's another mistake Obama and his campaign have been making. Along with being on the defensive WAY too much of the time, Obama and his campaign REALLY need to stop praising John McCain and saying what a great guy he is, despite McSame's desire to continue the same disastrous policies of the Bush administration, thereby further plunging this country into a dark age.

Mr. Obama, STOP PRAISING McCAIN! Yes, he's a great guy, a wonderful patriot, an ex POW, and all that. But EVERY TIME YOU MENTION THIS, YOU ARE BASICALLY TELLING VOTERS IT WOULDN'T BE SO BAD TO VOTE FOR McCAIN! In fact, when you say all that, as you often do, anything you say afterward, about what a mistake it would be to vote for McCain, pretty much goes unheard because YOU have planted the idea in your audience's collective head that McCain wouldn't be so bad.

This is NOT the message the Obama campaign needs to be spreading. We all have respect for McCain. We all know his record.

Now it's time to stop praising the man and start ripping, UNMERCIFULLY, into McCain, his party, and his policy. It's the ONLY way the Democrats will win the White House.

And you know what? That's not called negative campaigning. It's called winning the White House back from thieves.

And it's no less than what McCain himself is doing. That's why he's gaining in the polls, and that's why Obama's campaign continuing on its present course could very easily spell disaster.

And it in no way means Obama needs to lose his message of hope and change. These two main themes of his campaign can work VERY WELL in unmercifully ripping into McCain and HIS campaign.

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