Sunday, August 17, 2008

Obama Nation...

Well, Jerome Corsi, the ever so brilliant anti-Progressive, anti-Democrat, anti-American "Scholar" with, believe it or not, a PhD, has come out with his election year bestseller, Obama Nation. Completely expectedly, the book is chock full of complete lies and Lashon Hara about Barack Obama. He even claims, as complete truth as far is he is concerned, that, yes, Obama is a Muslim.

Corsi's anti-Kerry book in 2004, also completely filled with lies, lost Kerry the election. Well, that, and the Republicans stealing Ohio (for which there are actually Ohio ex-election officials sitting in jail today), which they were able to do because Kerry did not have the decisive victory he should have had. The problem with books like this (I mean, after all, it IS written be a person with a PhD, so it MUST be true), is it can, as it did in 2004, completely derail an election. It is Karl Rove fear-mongering at its worst, and will do great damage to the Obama campaign, not because people will necessarily believe it, but because it will plant seeds of doubt in people's minds.

It's really a brilliant tactic. It puts the Obama campaign on the defensive before the campaign even truly gets started. It does NOT allow Obama to run an offensive campaign.

Unfortunately, the book can't, and won't, be ignored by the Obama campaign, and time spent debunking the lies in this travesty of scholarly crap will be time NOT spent campaigning against McBush and the disastrous policies yet another four years of Republican rule he'll bring to the White House and the United States.

The sad thing is, the REAL abomination is people like Corsi and their publishers. I understand freedom of speech, but how does any respectable publishing company (and this book is published by Simon & Schuster) allow a this slime to even reach the editing stage, much less the publishing stage?!

Obama now has a choice. He's either going to have to work hard and have his campaign devote too much time to debunking slime, or he's going to have to just ignore the book, considering all the lies in it have already been debunked, and trust in the American people to actually believe the truth, not the slime.

Unfortunately, I don't think the vast majority of Americans will have the judgement to say, "Yeah, this Corsi is REALLY dumb, a liar, and an idiot to boot, and, partly because of him, the country is in the mess it's in now, because his last book pretty much allowed Bush to steal the White House a second time..."

Sad. Very sad. Perhaps in 2016 (because I STILL think, despite Corsi's best efforts, that Obama WILL win this election and the one in 2012), the Democrats will just have someone write a book before Corsi's NEXT one comes out, this one filled with actual truths about the Republican nominee, his (or hers) party, and how they've worked so hard to destroy the American dream and the American way of life.


Kylopod said...

Corsi, like Andy Martin, has said anti-Semitic things. Here is something he wrote about John Kerry in 2004:

"After he married TerRAHsa, didn't John Kerry begin practicing Judaism? He also has paternal grandparents that were Jewish. What religion is John Kerry?"

I admit he isn't remotely as extreme an anti-Semite as Martin, as far as I can tell. I just find it flabbergasting whenever I hear frum people quote these guys to prove Obama is bad for the Jews.

Am Kshe Oref - A Stiff-Necked People said...

Well, it's typical Chareidi/Yeshivish behavior. Ignore the obvious. They just DON'T WANT to understand that the Christian Right is VERY BAD for the Jews. Ridiculous, but true.