Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Know They Say Polls Don't Necessarily Mean Anything, But

Oy Vey. McDishonorable's taken the lead. Now, again, it doesn't necessarily mean anything. And historically, most times a candidate led in the summer didn't win in November, but McLiar's disgusting, smearing, discrediting (and in my eyes, therefore, discredited) campaign is working as more and more idiots out there believe him.

As I said earlier, it's REALLY time for Obama to go on the offensive rather than stay on the defensive. Best would be a mix of both, but being on the offensive NEEDS to be a priority at this point. It doesn't mean BEING offensive, as McOffensive is. It DOES, however, mean showing the public why McUnqualified is just that: unqualified...

Let's hope. And pray. Otherwise, this country is down the tubes.

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