Sunday, August 17, 2008

Typical American Attitude: Let's Drink and/or Watch Sports to Forget...

What a dumb attitude. The economy here is in a slump. The dollar is becoming worth less every day. Gas prices, though going down a bit, are still insane (I'm sorry, but going down to $3.70 a gallon doesn't make it "better" when prices less than a year ago were a dollar less and three years ago UNDER two dollars...).

So, what do Americans do? They watch sports to forget:Phelps amazes world with Beijing eight. To quote some idiot, which is EXACTLY what the Chinese, who pretty much rule our economy at this point, want from Americans: to forget...

Phelps achievement has dazzled the Chinese hosts, for whom eight is a lucky number, and brought welcome cheer to Americans during hard times.

"The economy and gas prices are always on your mind but Michael's success helps you forget depressing things," Los Angeles resident Samantha Higgins said among tens of millions glued to Phelps's every race on TV in the United States.
Oh. Goody. Dude won eight gold medals (and I don't begrudge him AT ALl; I think it's GREAT!!!), and we can all forget about the all the problems facing this country: Gas prices, the economy, healthcare, Republicans, etc.

Hey, man. Let's drink and watch sports. It'll help us forget... Yeah. Real intelligent.

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