Monday, August 04, 2008

Ad Spotted

On Only Simchas:

Are you of Ba'al Teshuva Background?
Looking to get married?
Let the Rebbetzins help you!
Oy. Help what? Explain to the poor schmuck why he's not good enough to marry an FFB girl? Explain why he'll NEVER be good enough for some rabbi's daughter and should instead stick to whatever guidelines the "rebbetzins" dictate? Explain to some poor girl why she'll never be good enough for some FFB boy or for a rabbi's son? Explain to some girl why she should only settle for someone inappropriate for her because of some imaginary mistakes she might have made during her "loose" days in college?

So, now the ba'alei Teshuva can't even go to the same shadchanim as as their "better-than-them" FFB counterparts?

Ick. Just another case of how the frummie FFBs treat ba'alei Teshuva like second class, or even third class, citizens. Like crap, that is... Just lovely.

And they wonder why we keep having to observe the Three Weeks.

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