Friday, October 03, 2008


Apparently, according to Sarah Failin'. Not in direct terms, that is. But for about the first third (or more) of the debate, regardless of the question, Failin' kept coming back to Alaska's energy supply! She didn't answer questions directly, and when she finally realized using energy to answer ALL her questions wasn't going to work, though that seems to be the only subject on which she MAY have SOME knowledge, her answers became more and more inane, and Joe Biden's tolerant smile was priceless! He just stood there while she dug herself into a rut, smiling paternally, and finally having confirmation for himself that Sarah Failin', a self-admitted Washington outsider, really has no CLUE how politics work in a venue larger than one containing less than a million people.

And at times, she was downright offensive and condescending. And, of course, Joe Biden, while not a great debator, won quite handily last night.

Now, Failin' is inconsequential. It's all about the actual presidential candidates. Here's hoping and praying for the outcome this country needs to get away from the crooked Republicans who've been running this country for the last fifteen years...

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