Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Kinda like "That One..."

More importantly in this segment is McCain's air quotes. Any issue important to the vast majority of the US population, like tax cuts for the middle and working classes, clean environment (blah, blah, blah), bans on assault weapons.

And even more important was his lack of caring for a mother's health in the abortion issue. Never mind mental health, when, for instance, when a young woman is told by her pastor she is physically healthy and should have many children, never mind the mental part.


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cool yiddishe mama said...

Thanks for correcting me on the timeline. That tells you where MY brain was at when I was expecting cool yiddishe maidel. (My PPD was justifiable as we were putting my father in hospice and he died shortly after.)

This was the point I tried to make to that mis-guided BY girl yesterday. She said abortion is "murder" and I told her the halakhah about the mother's life over the unborn child's. I further explained that if a person's mental stability over even having ONE child could be jeopardized, then they should not have children.

She agreed that abortion should be permitted for rape, incest, or endangerment to the mother. I pointed out that overturn of Roe vs. Wade would take even that away. I told her the horror stories of back alley abortions my 63 year old mother said occurred in her generation (but B'H, not to her).

So I brought up Yates, a story she had never heard as she was a 13 year old in BY back then and was shielded from current events. I said that this woman was counseled by her pastor to have MANY children even when her fitness to have even ONE could be questioned.

There is an obvious parallel in charedi life. Frum Jews are counseled to have as many children as possible and they shouldn't use birth control. A lot of them have large families that are difficult to emotionally cope with, let alone financially. Due to tight budgets from the high costs of frum life, they approach the community asking for tzedakah, and the government for assistance (food stamps, health cares, etc), services all provided to them by the LIBERALS of society. How do they pay for this act of chesed? They decide to vote REPUBLICAN since they feel DEMOCRATS don't have morals!

Can you say "bite the hand that feeds you"?