Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gosh! I Guess She Really IS a MaveRICK!

Palin allies report rising camp tension...

Here's how the Huffington Post put it:

McCain Faces "Palin Insurgency"... Palin Increasingly Disregarding Advice From Aides... Beginning To "Go Rogue"... Top McCain Aides "Going To Try And Shred Her After The Campaign To Divert Blame From Themselves"
Obviously, she's starting to try protecting herself from the becoming the scapegoat she's HAS to become when McCain, God Willing, loses.

What's also funny is that she's crying how she just wants to be herself and doesn't want to be handled any longer, so to speak... She's blaming her handlers for her "increasingly negative public image and wants to be herself." What she doesn't seem to get is this is probably the ONE thing the McCain campaign has done right: They've kept her under wraps at all costs. If she'd been allowed carte blanche to do as she wished, can you imagine where McCain's numbers would be now? Probably somewhere in the sub-sub-sub-sub-basement. In the negatives. She seems to be forgetting what a disaster she was back in the first week or two after McCain chose her as his running mate.

It's seeming to me like the RNC and its campaign are acting like Romulans, or Klingons before they became good guys. Follow the leader as long as that leader's doing Ok, but stab the leader in the back when he begins to screw up...

Talk about a bunch of fascists...

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