Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Forgotten War

Listening to NPR yesterday, there was a report about the Forgotten War. You know, the one in Afghanistan. The one we never hear about, but the one that is actually important because THAT'S where the Taliban, which backs Osama bin Laden, resides. Apparently, the Taliban has been getting stronger there, carrying out deadlier and deadlier attacks. Yet, according to the news report, the allies, led by the US, are having trouble retaliating and are actually losing the war because they simply don't have enough troops.

What's that? Where are they? Why, they're fighting Governor Bush's personal and illegal war in Iraq, of course. A war the US, according to John McCain, MUST WIN and come home in honor rather than in defeat. Why? Because losing the war in Iraq would cause the US to have even more egg on its figurative face than it already has. And it would be embarrassing to the Republican Party. Never mind the Iraqis actually want us out as well.

Result? It puts Afghanistan on the very back burner. Well, what about defeat there? That could very well happen. And what will the world think then? They'll think, correctly, because (despite the illusion the Republicans hold that most of the world is stupid) many people are actually quite smart, that we lost the important war for to fight the irrelevant one. They'll think we chose dessert over the main course. And they'll be very correct in their thoughts.

Solution? Elect Barack Obama, end the idiotic war in Iraq (responsibly, of course - after all, since we ARE there, we do have be responsible), and redeploy our troops where they are actually needed. Fighting the real war against terror in Afghanistan. And the sad thing is, that war should have been an easy, no-brainer victory. Yet another one of Bush's complete screw-ups.

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