Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Predictable Return to the Politics of Fear

What a surprise. McFear is trying to scare us into voting for him rather than Obama:

TAMPA, Fla. – Republican presidential candidate John McCain said Wednesday that the country's economic problems will pass but threats against the nation will not — and that Democratic rival Barack Obama is not up to the task of protecting the United States.

Returning to the issue of national security, seen as McCain's central theme before the financial crisis overwhelmed the campaign, McCain stood with former military officers and national security advisers to ask rhetorically whether Obama had the wisdom and judgment to be commander in chief.

"The question is whether this is a man who has what it takes to protect America from Osama bin Laden, al-Qaida and the other great threats in the world," McCain said. "He has given no reason to answer in the affirmative."

The Arizona Republican said the nation will emerge from the current financial meltdown even stronger.

"When that day arrives and the worries of economic crisis have fallen away, we will find awaiting our country all of the same great challenges and dangers that were there all along," he said.

McCain also warned of the danger to national security from a Democratic takeover of both the White House and Congress.
"Our national security is dependent on our economic security, and the plans of a Democrat-dominated Washington would harm them both," he said. "We're getting only a glimpse of what one-party rule will look like."

McCain predicted deep cuts in defense spending and the abandonment of America's role in the world if Democrats run the government, an argument in line with the Republican campaign closing argument in the final days before the election.
"The Arizona Republican said the nation will emerge from the current financial meltdown even stronger."

Yeah. But only if the Democrats take over and properly clean up the Great Republican Mess of the Early 21st Century and they are allowed to actually polish our global image, something the Republicans have greatly tarnished over the last eight years.

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