Monday, October 13, 2008

You McIdiot! You Said It AGAIN!!!

During the second debate, McCain had a cute little gaffe I didn't catch until Jon Stewart brought up on his program, The Daily Show. He (incorrectly) accused Obama of raising taxes (ignoring on WHOM Obama would raise those taxes - namely, the VERY wealthy), stating the last time a president raised taxes during times of economic turmoil was Herbert Hoover, back during the Great Depression. Here's the problem: Hoover was a REPUBLICAN. Not someone you want to bring up when it comes to raising taxes.

Well, McCain STILL hasn't gotten the memo. At a rally today, where he claimed he has his opponents "just where we want them" (never mind the incredible amount of information that invalidates this claim), he made the same reference to Hoover:

"The last president to raise taxes and restrict trade in a bad economy as Senator Obama proposes was Herbert Hoover," McCain said, referring to the 1930s Depression-era president. "That didn't turn out too well."
Heh. Oops again.

McIdiot. Just what we need. One idiot to replace another. Hopefully, that just WON'T happen.

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