Friday, October 31, 2008

Why I Was Zonked Yesterday

I had a sleep study done. It's one of the tests I needed to go through for my surgery, and OH, MY GOD. What an awful experience.

The tech was great. We shmoozed for a while. He's pure, Mid-Western working class, should be one of those typical voters who should be a slam dunk for McCain. His name was even Joe. But he said, growing up around here, he's seen this area literally die and he understands it's because the Republicans have completely effed up the country. So, he's voting for Obama.

But, I digress.

So, he connects about twenty leads to me: on my face, my neck, the sides of my face, my hair, my chest, my leg. He puts an oxygen measurer in nose and on my finger. You can imagine how comfortable THAT was. On top of that, I'm in an unfamiliar place, no wife, not my bed (although the bed WAS actually OK). It's takes a while to fall asleep. On top of THAT, the plumbing in the private bathroom in my bedroom had problems and the water in the tank of the toilet kept turning on as though to fill the toilet tank. And it wasn't sporadic. It was about every minute. Literally. And finally, on top of all THAT, I finally fall asleep and the tech wakes me at 5:30 AM to go home.

So, I didn't sleep very well that night. And I didn't get to come home and nap. I had to go to an early pre-op class, then pick up my daughter and take her to her well child three year appointment (her birthday is today!!), and start cleaning the house for Shabbos.

Well, at least I slept pretty well LAST night!


Miriam said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Sorry about your sleep.

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