Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Best POST Debate Quote

Goes to David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager:

David Plouffe said after the debate, "John McCain was all over the map on the issues, and he is so angry about the state of his campaign that he referred to Barack Obama as 'that one' — last time he couldn't look at Sen. Obama, this time he couldn't say his name."
So, I wasn't the only one who noticed McCain wouldn't even acknowledge Obama, not the first, time, not this time. Again, it's that Right Wing fascist philosophy of demonizing and dehumanizing your enemy so you can attack with NO conscience whatsoever.

That's something this country can no longer afford to accept if it is to survive and regain its respected standing in the world.


Miriam said...

truthfully I'm getting scared of McCain /Palin.

Did you see this?

Folks around me seem to really like McCain though. They say he'd be good for Israel.

cool yiddishe mama said...

I'm getting tired of the "good for Israel" business. It would be "bad form" for any US president to be "bad" for Israel. With the exception of Carter, there hasn't been a "bad" US President for Israel.

The truth is that we have been embroiled in a war declared under false pretenses FOR FIVE YEARS. Our economy is in the toilet (and getting flushed further down). At this point, we can barely help ourselves, let alone Israel, ESPECIALLY when we are focusing all our strength on this unwinnable war.

Put this into a Jewish perspective. If the economy gets worse, the kollel system will collaspe. When money gets tight, the last thing a struggling family wants to support is someone sitting and learning for years on end WHEN he's not attempting to get skills and get a job. Kollel was meant for the best and the brightest (and even then, for a couple years, TOPS). In the "olden days", a community who supported someone in kollel was investing in him to become the next community rav.

Kylopod said...

"With the exception of Carter, there hasn't been a "bad" US President for Israel."

What do you have against peace with Egypt?