Sunday, October 05, 2008

And... The Desperation Sets In...

So very sad. Sarah Palin is now accusing Obama of "palling around with terrorists," calling Obama an "embarrassment" to the United States. Article.

And WHY is she putting herself even deeper in the gutter? Because

The tougher tone comes as McCain struggles to move the theme of the election away from the economy, an issue that has helped Obama build leads in key states, including several won by Republicans in the last presidential election in 2004.
The Obama response? Perfect:
Obama spokesman Hari Sevugan said, "Today, the McCain-Palin team took their discredited, dishonorable campaign one desperate step further, announcing that they were going to try 'turning a page on this financial crisis' and launching more personal attacks on Senator Obama."

"Instead of offering solutions for working Americans and families struggling through a failing economy, they have offered more gutter politics and false attacks," he said in a statement.
In other words, once again, the Republican party is pressing the fear button. Gee. What a surprise.

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