Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Headline from Today's Arutz 7: Olmert Agrees to Speed up Talks to Establish PA State

According to this Arutz 7 article, Ehud Olmert, even though he vowed not to rush into discuss "final Palestinian Statehood status," has, in typical political word-breaking, done just that: He is rushing to discuss final statehood status with the Palestinians. Remember, he is doing so with known, proven terrorists (Abbas and his pack). These "moderates," as the press likes to call them, are people who (Abbas specifically) have orchestrated many terrorist acts against israel and Israelis (like the Munich Massacre).

I'm not sure what the motivation here is. The last time Israel came anywhere near discussing "final status," back in 2000, a second, very deadly Intifada broke out, one which has still, seven years later, not ended. Arafat then gave his blessing for the wanton killing of Jews for no reason, even though Ehud Barak offered him about 98% of what Arafat wanted. What the Palestinians didn't understand then, and I see no reason for that to have changed in seven years, is that politics is the art of compromise. Everyone gets a little of what they want, and little of what they don't want. The Palestinians want it all, Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and the rest of Israel as well. Keep in mind, the Palestinians still have not removed the "destroy Israel" clause of their charter. So, why Olmert thinks there can be peace with these people is beyond any reasoning.

Perhaps Olmert wants to make his mark before he leaves office (whenever that's supposed to be). Perhaps Bush is pressuring him because Bush is going to need to claim SOMETHING positive about his eight year illegal presidency. Of course, when Clinton tried to push, we got a huge mess in Israel that will never be cleaned up! Why should this be any different.

Plea to Mr. Olmert: Please, don't get into any agreements with the Palestinians. They WILL turn around and stab you in the back with it. Don't be a fool. And don't be fooled.

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