Friday, July 11, 2008

Today's Bang-It-Out

The Kosher Top Ten  
Top Ten Slogan's for the New and Improved Rubashkin's 
10. We answer to a Higher Authority:  The  U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement 
9. Glatt'n for Punishment  
8. The Strictest Rabbinical Supervision, now with border supervision! 
7. So Incredibly Humane - we're 'In-Humane!' 
6. Rubashkins; The First Name in Chillul Hashem 
5. Aggriprocessors: Putting the Bash in Rubashkin 
4. We Separate Meat & Milk, as well as Ethics & Kashrus.   
3. Rubashkin:  Bringing Pot to Pottsville since 1975 
2. Sure we work everyone 22 hours a day,  but we give off for Chol Hamoed  
1. Is this Hell? No, it's Iowa 

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