Friday, July 11, 2008

Headline Spotted: Fellow ex-POW Eager to Back McCain Against Obama

Very nice. So Mc-I'm-an-ex-POW-so-you-should-vote-for-me's ex cellmate is backing the Republican nominee, comparing Mc-I'm-not-really-qualified-to-be-president-just-because-I'm-an-ex-POW to a board certified physician and Obama to a med student. Very nice. Good for him. Back your candidate, I say. But then he went and implied he and McCain had more than a friendship going while POWs in Vietnam:

Day, 83, a former Air Force colonel who earned the Medal of Honor and dozens of other honors for his service during World War II, Korea and Vietnam, was held in a Hanoi prison for six years, off and on in the same cell as McCain.

"I know him extremely well, better than his wife," Day joked in a telephone interview.
Um, alert to all you Republican Right Wing Nut Jobs (Jewish or not!) out there: Since you all are always so concerned with a person's sexual orientation and activities, shouldn't this raise a HUGE red flag about McCain's sexual orientation?

Heh heh heh. Oops.

This guy, George "Bud" Day, tried to convince people Kerry's record was over-inflated. Predictably, his claims were disproved. Apparently, Kerry pissed him off in 1971 when Kerry spoke out against the useless and quite offensive Vietnam war (not unlike all of us today who are speaking out against another useless, and this time illegal, war in Iraq), so now this schmuck has a beef with all Democrats.

What a moron.

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