Friday, July 11, 2008

Gramm Calls Slowdown 'Mental'

And let's not forget the above headline from yesterday relating to a comment by a "top economic adviser" of McCain's, yet someone else from whom McBush had to distance himself... Apparently, falling in with Republican "Rosy Outlook" economic views, said Gramm, this country is not at all in a real recession, despite insider admissions I personally have received from the Federal Reserve.

Oh, no. Job losses rising. The US dollar losing value. Housing market in a shambles. Inflation. Higher prices for less goods. Gas prices going insane with no sign of relief.

But, no, say the Republicans. No recession here. It's all good... Americans are just a bunch of whiners because they want jobs and healthcare and security. Just a bunch of whiners. What a schmuck.

And the Republicans out there are just going to keep swallowing the party line, because if the party said it, it must be true.

Yeah. And wild bears don't shit in the woods. And the Pope's a Protestant. And your candidate won't c*m in your mouth, honey. Just keep swallowing though, just in case. We don't want you to dribble...


Sorry to be so coarse, but this party just disgusts me more and more.

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