Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jesse Jackson

Master of saying things in private that become publicized. First it was his "Hymietown" comment about the Jewish population of New York he made back in 1984, to a REPORTER, even off the record. Now it's wanting to cut off Barack Obama's, um, cojones, which he said on an open microphone in another "private" conversation.

He apologized (as he did in 1984), but he obviously meant his comments, so even though he supposedly supports the Obama campaign, he has yet again said things he meant that no one was meant to hear. So what does his apology mean? I mean, come on, seriously. He told someone he'd like to CUT OFF OBAMA'S NUTS. His reason: Because he feels Obama talks down to Blacks. What a stupid attitude and a stupid comment.

Time for the good Reverend to retire and bow out of public life. At least his son JJ Jr., had the decency to distance himself from his father's remarks and actually denounce them. Good for him.

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Kylopod said...

FOX chose to air it, though I can't imagine how it would hurt Obama. If anything, it helps distance him from Jackson and increase the perception that he doesn't embrace the kind of racial politics for which Jackson is notorious. I saw a good SNL skit a few weeks ago about how Jackson and Sharpton are albatrosses on Obama's back. You can view it at the following link: